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The Learning Conference 2003

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Globalization and the Emerging New Society in Malaysia: The Role of Education


We live in an era of globalization, marked with complex and growing connections across societies. Communications and transporatation technology bring the diverse people of the world into greater contact. Environmnetal threats transcend the borders of nation-states. Multinational corporations are fast penetrating to far-reaching corners of the world. The phenomenon of transnational migration is leading to increasing ethinc and cultural diversity in many countries. Globalization creates both challenges and opportunities. In some respects, globalization has chipped away the rigidty of international boders and brought increased international co-operation to address problems that cross state boundaries. Yet, it has also generated opposition among those who feel threatened by or left out of the gloablization process. Thus, this paper aims to explore the changes in education that accompany globalization in Malaysia. Pertaining to this, education should play a fundamental role in preparing students for 'responsible global citizenship', whereby they are able to reflect and act upon their roles as citizens of particular countries and as citizens of the world. Both qualitative and quantitative reserach methods wrere used to analyse data obtained from 1000 students of different races and study years of higher learning institutions.


Lecturer in Area Studies
Centre for General Studies
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

  • Globalization; Education
  • Responsible Global Citizenship Malaysia

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