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The Learning Conference 2003

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Ascertaining Personal Qualities of Computer Educators

Inge P Sonnekus.

The shortage of computer educators is a global concern. To remedy this, their personal qualities are explored. We have coined the term CEDAR to refer to the ideal computer educator. We combine qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to collect data. The quantitative component is used to stimulate interest and produce immediate feedback, while the qualitative component is used to incorporate the intuitive insights of current computer educators.

This paper reflects a three phase progressive pilot study.

Phase 1:
We explored the personal qualities of CEDARs at a South African university by means of an online questionnaire.

Phase 2:
We followed it with a questionnaire at a national South African conference for computer lecturers. The results from the data collected at this conference, were presented in real time to the participants of the conference. The results of the first two phases of this pilot study reveal ten categories of personal qualities, which are discussed in this paper.

Phase 3:
We will use the same strategy. It is our intention to test the identified categories with live data gathering using a web application, once a suitable forum has been identified. The quantitative results of the live survey will be updated in real time as participants complete the questionnaire. The qualitative results are gathered and analysed off-line.


Inge P Sonnekus  (South Africa)
Senior Lecturer
Department of Further Teacher Education
University of South Africa

I started teaching in 1974. Presently, as a senior lecturer at the University of South Africa, I train educational psychologists and school guidance counsellors. I am a registered educational psychologist who is interested in alternative community based career guidance processes and trauma therapy.

  • Shortage of Computer Educators
  • Personal Qualities of Computer Educators
  • Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Online Questionnaire
  • Real Time Results

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