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The Learning Conference 2003

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Voice Among Many: Achieving Influence as an Educational Lobby Group

Andrew Harvey.

This paper examines the effective strategies and methods used by the Australian Council of Deans of Education to influence public policy.

The Council represents the Deans of thirty-eight Education faculties across Australia, whose primary purpose is the preparation of prospective Australian school teachers. Since 2001 the ACDE has expanded its role, from an essentially professional body to one also determined to achieve substantive policy change. In lobbying both state and federal governments, the Council has influenced a number of important changes to educational structures and policies.

This paper documents this heightened influence, and highlights the decisions and strategies pivotal to this success. Many of these strategies, it argues, are replicable to other lobby group environments. The paper discusses increasing the profile and visibility of the Council through better media relations; achieving influence with politicians and other key stakeholders; working effectively with other interest groups; managing membership; and moving from a reactive to a proactive position on policy issues.


Andrew Harvey  (Australia)
Executive Officer

Australian Council of Deans of Education

Dr Andrew Harvey is Executive Officer of the Australian Council of Deans of Education. His PhD was on minority nationalism in the United Kingdom, and his interests extend to social theory, British history and comparative international education perspectives.

  • Public Policy
  • Lobbying
  • Media Relations

(30 min Conference Paper, English)