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The Learning Conference 2003

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Higher Level Questions: Reflections of Trainee Teachers

Subadrah Madhawa Nair.

In order to face these challenges our trainee teachers have to be well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they are able to guide and facilitate the process of educating students to become critical and creative individuals. Various studies done locally and abroad have shown that teachers are generally not in favour of asking higher level questions and students are generally weak in answering higher level and critical questions.

In light of the afore-mentioned “scenario”, this paper will focus on the reflections of a group of trainee teachers on strategies for using higher level questions in the classroom during their teaching practice. The data for this paper is excerpted from a study involving a sample of 39 trainee teachers of University of Science Malaysia. In the course of the study, each of the trainee teachers was observed three times during their teaching practice. During the observations, the actual teaching was tape-recorded, while the
frequencies of usage of higher level questions were noted and recorded against a checklist. The use of higher order and critical type questions were thus documented and cross-checked. Following each observation, the trainee teachers were interviewed in depth by the researchers and asked to reflect upon the strategies they had adopted to enable the use of higher level questions in the course of their respective classroom practicum. The findings will be presented and elaborated upon in this paper.


Subadrah Madhawa Nair

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  • higher level questions

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