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The Learning Conference 2003

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Preparing College Students for the Global Workplace: A Curriculum of Service Learning Projects, Intercultural Experiences, and Applied Communication Instruction/Practice

Doreen S. Geddes.

The author contends that college students entering the global economy must be proficient in communicating in an international setting. Courses in intercultural communication and international experiences can help students develop the ability to function effectively in the global environement.
In addition to understanding different cultures, students need to be proficient in oral, written, and electronic communication forms. Whether communicating locally or globally, effective communication skills are critical for employee success.
Also, students must be ready to enter the workplace when they leave college. Internships and service learning projects can help students connect classroom learning to real world contexts and gain valuable professional experience.
The author describes how these can be included in the college curriculum.


Doreen S. Geddes  (United States)
Associate Professor in Communication Studies
Department of Communication Studies
Clemson University

Dr Geddes teaches courses in interpersonal, gender, nonverbal, small group, and organizational communication in the Department of Communication at Clemson University where she has been for the past fifteen years. For five of those years, she was Chair of the Department and was instrumental in developing the communication major at Clemson University.
She received her Ph. D. in Speech Communication at The Pennsylvania State University.
Dr. Geddes includes Service Learning projects in all of her classes and has helped coordinate student Service Learning projects in Africa.
Her research interests and publications focus on gender communication styles, regional and cultural differences in communication behavior, and global communication problems in families of alcoholics

  • Service Learning in the College Curriculum
  • International Experiences for College Students
  • College Curriculum for the Future
  • Internship Experience in the College Curriculum
  • Communication Proficiency in the College Curriculum
  • Intercultural Communication Proficiency in the College Curriculum
  • Communication-Across-the Curriculum at the College Level

(30 min Conference Paper, English)