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The Learning Conference 2003

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Your World is my World: From being Burrowers in Soweto Classrooms to Building Bridges with Global Youth Communities

Mr Robert Maungedzo.

This presentation reports on innovative pedagogies which I have been using with disaffected high school students in Soweto, in the areas of literature and the creative arts. These pedagogies have produced an unprecedented flow of student creativity and student commitment in the school. These pedagogies involve shifting the existing boundaries of what is permissible in school in terms of modes of communication, languages, genres of texts and communication across geographical boundaries (in the form of global exchange projects). Shifting these boundaries is an attempt to enable my students to –re-imagine themselves as part of both the local and the global community of youth. I argue that when youth are given the opportunity to represent and communicate their identities to new audiences, in ways they feel most comfortable, they not only improve their understanding of literature, but they also build bridges which might lead them to ‘self-discovery land’ . Such pedagogies help to break down their sense of isolation, enabling them to see themselves as part of a global community of youth, with its similarities as well as its differences.


Mr Robert Maungedzo  (South Africa)
Language, Literacy and Communication
Lamula Jubilee High School

Robert Maungedzo teaches English to high school students at Lamula Jubilee High School, in Soweto, South Africa. He is interested in pedagogies which develop students’ creativity in expressing their identities, particularly in the areas of poetry and African performance. He also writes fiction.

  • Multiliteracies pedagogy
  • Literature and diversity
  • Youth and identity

(30 min Conference Paper, English)