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The Learning Conference 2003

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A Research Report into the Reading Habits of Pupils Across the Key Stage 2 to 3 Transition in English

Claire Mallord.

An attempt to bridge the KS3 learning gap?

This report is the outcome of a project which aimed to identify the similarities and differences in the reading habits of pupils across the Key Stage 2 to 3 transition.

Results showed that reading at school was not refected by reading at home (in terms of content and choice of texts) but the reading habits of pupils in Years 6 and 7 were similar (where pupils read and for how long).

Further research concluded that reading was not as important as writing for pupils going into Year 7. This report concludes with some questions for future practice.


Claire Mallord  (United Kingdom)
Second in English
English Department
The Bishop's Stortford High School

  • Reading
  • Transition
  • Key Stages 2 to 3

(Virtual Presentation, English)