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The Learning Conference 2003

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Real Time Machine Interpretation of Languages in E-Education and Distance Learning

Rabia Enam, Najma Ismat Ahsan.

The language problem is an important issue in “learning and teaching” system. If an instructor and a student do not communicate in the same language, a problem will surely arise especially for the student. He or she might not understand the technicalities of the lecture being delivered and attention would be diverted more towards understanding of the language. This problem obviously becomes more conspicuous in e-education & distance learning where most of the system is based on the electronic media or audio/video delivery of the education. Since the world is getting increasingly dependent on computers therefore we have to devise some computerized means for language interpretation, i.e. a machine Speech-to-Speech translation system. Recently a lot of research is being carried on this field, but no work has been done in the domain of e-education. This paper emphasizes on the Importance of the Real time Machine Interpretations MI of languages in E-education. Basic model of MI (extracted from various research works) is presented and in the end the important changes that has to be made to implement the MI in e-education has been discussed.


Rabia Enam  (Pakistan)
Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering Department
Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology

I am a affilaited with an educational institute since 1997. My Qualifications are BSc Hons in Mathematics ,MSc in Mathematics , BS in Computer Engineering ,MS in Computer Networks Engineering.

Najma Ismat Ahsan  (Pakistan)
Department of Computer Engineering
Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology


(Virtual Presentation, English)