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The Learning Conference 2003

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Multiliteracies Pedagogy in Practice: A Project Involving Teachers of Primary and Secondary Students

Mary Neville.

This paper will outline the current progress of a multiliteracies scholarship project being conducted in Brisbane, Australia by one of Education Queensland’s Learning and Development Centres for Literacy (The Gap Cluster). Ten teachers from primary, secondary, distance and special education across Brisbane have been granted scholarship money to develop multiliteracies pedagogy in their classrooms and to build capacity for multiliteracies pedagogy in their schools and districts. The project has the support of the Literate Futures Project Team, Education Queensland, Dr Annah Healy, Queensland University of Technology, Dr Bill Cope and Professor Mary Kalantzis who have similar projects being developed for teachers in other states of Australia and Dr Michele Anstey and Dr Geoff Bull ABC Educational Consultants.


Mary Neville  (Australia)
The Gap Cluster Learning and Development Centre Literacy
Education Queensland

Mary Neville is currently Coordinator of The Gap Cluster Learning and Development Centre, Literacy for Education Queensland. Her role is to support schools with the help of university partnerships to develop and implement whole-school strategic plans for literacy incorporating student diversity, whole-school programs, the teaching of reading and future literacies.
Her major interest and passion in literacy teaching practices is multiliteracies. She is currently managing a multiliteracies scholarship project involving ten schools across primary, secondary, distance and special education

  • Multiliteracies Pedagogy
  • Scholarship Project
  • Building Capacity for Multiliteracies Pedagogy

(30 min Conference Paper, English)