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The Learning Conference 2003

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Why School Governance is Good for you and your Organisation: The Developmental Benefits Available to Individuals and Organisations through Involvement in School Governance

Steve Acklam.

Skills learnt in the workplace can add real value to school governing bodies. Volunteers with an external, work based perspective who are willing to challenge assumptions and promote innovation will be increasingly important as schools deal with major issues such as the expanision of knowledge and resource, the pace and type of change, the implications of faith, race and language, and the influence of new technology.

Encouraging and supporting staff to become school governors offers organisations and individuals many benefits. For the organisation opportunities range from positive public perception to the development of employee skills. For the individual there is the personal satisfaction of making a difference while developing themselves and helping to create an environment where children can realise their aspirations and expectations.


Steve Acklam  (United Kingdom)
Chief Executive
School Governors' One-Stop Shop

Born in 1946 in Barnsley, Yorkshire, His father was a manager in the Electricity Supply Industry and his mother was active in the Community Sector. Educated at Ludlow Grammar School in Shropshire and St John's College Cambridge where he obtained a second class Honours Degree in English (BA Cantab). From University he joined Procter and Gamble as a management trainee, and subsequently accepted a position with United Biscuits where he stayed for the next 30 years. During this time he held numerous management roles and for six years was Export Sales and Marketing Director for the Group. Seconded to the Community in 1998 he set-up, launched and became Chief Executive of the School Governors' One-Stop Shop, a position he still holds. Married with three children, Steve lives just outside Cambridge.

  • Committment
  • Skill Development
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • A New Experience
  • A Difference Perspective

(30 min Conference Paper, English)