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The Learning Conference 2003

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Two Minds, Four Hands: Ownership of Technology through Collaborative Processes.

Dr Faiza Derbel Derbel.

This paper describes the experience of a graduate student mentoring a faculty member in the use of technology. The student mentor draws on ideas about teacher reflection (Dewey, 1933; Schön, 1983, 1987, 1995) and education in the post-modern age (Hargreaves, 1994; Hargreaves & Fullan, 2000) to develop a framework for mentoring teachers in the adoption of technology.

The mentor and author of this paper uses a constructivist approach to plan for her mentoring sessions taking into account the faculty member’s specific needs, previous experience with technology and the required skills (Salomon & Almog, 1989; Cuban, 1993; 1998). The faculty member is given the opportunity to participate in the planning of the sessions and to engage in making sense of what she is learning about the use of the software and its application for teaching.

The paper is written as a case study (Yin, 1994) covering various characteristics of the faculty development project at Iowa State University (ISU) and supported by Journal and interview data to illustrate the procedures used, the faculty member’s perceptions of the pedagogical values underlying the technology, her interpretation of the mentor’s style and her assessment of the effectiveness of the experience. This study shows that the goal of assisting experienced teachers in their attempt to integrate technology in their teaching is best served through personalised, collaborative learning processes.


Dr Faiza Derbel Derbel  (United States)
Temporary Lecturer
English Department
Iowa State University

Faiza Derbel holds a MA from the University of Tunis (1993), a PhD. from London University Institute of Education (2001), and a MA in TESL/Applied Linguistics from Iowa State University (2002). She taught extensively in EFL in Tunisia and ESL in US. Her special interests are in SLA research, computer-assisted language learning, and technology in teacher education.

  • Teacher education and technology
  • Mentoring
  • Teacher reflection
  • Literacy
Person as Subject
  • Dr. Carol Fulher Dr. Faiza Derbel

(30 min Conference Paper, English)