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The Learning Conference 2003

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Harnessing the Forces of Nature: An Interactive Teaching and Learning Medium to Enhance Learning

Eric Pagliarella.

One of the main aspects in enhancing Teaching and Learnnig is to allow the learner to engage with learning in a multiplicities of directions and methodologies, thereby building on the learners positive attributes as well as strengthening their weaknesses. The challenge for the "teacher" is to how to "design" the interactive medium that can enhance learning as well as "recording" the "happenings" of the learner in the proces of using the interactive medium.

This workshop will:

1. Demonstrate a number of interactive mediums that have had significant successes across a range of programs at the Diploma levels as well as the "spin'offs" to commercialisation of the interactive medium products.

2. Discuss basic fundamentals that are necessary for interactive mediums to be successful.


Eric Pagliarella  (Australia)
Associate Dean (VET)
Faculty of Engineering
RMIT University

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Design the interactive medium
  • Spin-offs to commercialisation

(60 min Workshop, English)