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The Learning Conference 2003

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Managing the Language Policy Change: The Malaysian Experience

Kamal Quadra, Vincent Pang.

With effect from January 2003, the Malaysian Government switched the language of instruction for mathematics and science in primary and secondary schools to English after more than 30 years of the use of the Malay language. This paper reports the case study of the context of all the primary schools in the District of Tamparuli in Sabah, from the perpective of the headteachers. The analysis of the questionnaire involved the use of Quest software, an interactive computer item analysis software based on item-response theory.


Kamal Quadra  (Malaysia)
State Director
Sabah Education Department
Ministry of Education Malaysia

Kamal Quadra graduated from Auckland University with MA in history and education. He has served as secondary school teacher and principal, Principal Assistant Director for Educational Technology, Principal of Teachers College, and Deputy Director of Teacher Education. Presently he is the State Director of Education of Sabah. Kamal has presented papers at local and international conferences. He has been involved in establishing radio and television broadcasting to schools. Presently, he is involved in the setting up of computer labs and VSAT installation for rural schools.

Vincent Pang  (Malaysia)

  • Context Evaluation
  • Language of Instruction

(30 min Conference Paper, English)