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The Learning Conference 2003

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Interactive Teaching of Energy Management

Mario C. Colnar.

Successful learning requires students to interact with the teaching information provided in various ways. Using electronic media elements in the way of teaching, level of education can be upraised and also it can provide access to maximum group of resources to students, by click on mouse. Interactive form no longer limits users to view only graphical and textual elements on the web, but are free to use audiovisual contents so as using the interactive exercises to check their own knowledge.
An electronic textbook was made, which will provide interactive teaching of energy management with multimedia contents. The data about this electronic textbook was presented as tool used in teaching and also a base material for preparation of exam, accessible via Internet.
Use of the Internet has become so usual in society that teachers are facing pressure by their students to provide some form of web online teaching. The ability to view audiovisual content on-demand together with textual/graphical screen and also using interactive tests, anytime and anywhere can expand education from a classical classrooms to the flexible environment. However, key part of this kind of education is interactivity, which provides students to use different elements in learning and also to check their own knowledge and have an immediate feedback.
An electronic textbook as a way of teaching and learning and its own interactivity can satisfy many requirements of educational environments and also upraise level of education. Using this kind of teaching and learning methods can improve the level of education, for instance, the material is searchable and cross-referenced. Similarly, in places where there is a need for this kind of information it can provide a big data bank. We explores a way of learning and teaching in which the main element is student interaction with the technology.
We present the textbook, its interactivity, its user-interface, and its usage. Interactive teaching of energy management is electronic textbook web-based client/server tool. It consists of the most of the elements needed to teach and learn and also to prepare for the exam. It enables students to watch their textual screen as well as recorded audiovisual lectures and also to check their knowledge through interactive exercises and tests. Each audiovisual sequence is linked with the exact text slide and students can choose to watch or not these sequences or only read the text slides. Menu styled table-of-contents located on the left side allow direct redirection to different parts of textbook.
This textbook can be used for teaching as well as base material for preparation for exam.
The main challenge in making this textbook is to establish communication between different elements in the textbook, so called interactivity. Also, It is hoped that this textbook will be example to others to try to organise their lectures and textbooks on the interactive basis, because it is a new way of teaching, very popular among students, with very good results.


Mario C. Colnar  (Croatia)
Team coordinator
Powerlab Power Engineering Department Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

  • Energy management
  • Interactive teaching
  • Electronic textbook
  • Multimedia.

(30 min Conference Paper, English)