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The Learning Conference 2003

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Student - Supervisor Relationship in Social Work Education

Geeta B Balakrishnan.

Field supervision in Social Work education is the interpersonal interaction of the supervisor with the student to make the latter more effective in handling people.

One of the most important tools in supervision is a healthy student-supervisor relationship. This should be a professional relationship as distinct from a personal one.

The supervisory relationship is also the most important means by which a student learns to identify with a knowledgeable and experienced person.

The supervisory process represents a growth experience for the supervisor as well as for the student. A sound, working relationship facilitates the analysis and evaluation of the student’s work. Some principles of social work that could be used by the supervisor are individualization, empathy, maintenance of non-judgemental attitude, recognition and encouragement of strengths, providing opportunities for self-determination and confronting the student with the reality situation.

To become a competent social work practitioner, a social work student has to develop a social commitment, social responsibility and a desire for social justice. The end-goal of the student-supervisor relationship should be to inculcate this frame of mind among students.


Geeta B Balakrishnan  (India)
Senior Lecturer In College of Social Work, Mumbai

University of Mumbai, INDIA

As a lecturer in the college of Social Work and Director of ANKUR, a project for special children, I have been involved in supervision of students for the past 13 years . I am currently doing my PhD on the student-supervisor relationship in social work field education.

  • Student-supervisor relationship
  • Social Work education
  • Field work.
Person as Subject
  • social work students social work field supervisors

(30 min Conference Paper, English)