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The Learning Conference 2003

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Students' Perceptions of Online Learning

Kamariah Abu Bakar.

In line with the Malaysian vision of becoming a developed nation by 2020, institutions of higher learning have made shifts in their culture and practices, moving away fron the
traditional teaching to one that
integrates ICT in its teaching-learning
process. The aim of this research was
to determine university students'
perceptions regarding the utilization
of online learning to supplement the
face-to-face lectures. Specifically,
the objectives of this research were to
determine university students'
perceptions of their computer knowledge
and skills, perceptions of the level of
support, adequacy of support, quality
of online materials provided, level of
readiness and level of attitudes towards
online learning. One hundred thirteen
students from Universiti Putra
Malaysia, undergoing teacher-training
program who registered for an
Educational Psychology course were the
subjects of this study. Data showed
that majority of the students who
referred to the online materials
indicated that the materials helped
them understand the face-to-face
lectures bett


Kamariah Abu Bakar  (Malaysia)

Faculty of Education
Universiti Malaya

  • Online learning
  • perceptions of computer knowledge and skills
  • perceptions of online materials
  • readiness and attitudes
Person as Subject
  • University Students

(Virtual Presentation, English)