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The Learning Conference 2003

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Outside The Learning Curve: The Importance of Leisure Learning

Monica Hyams.

There are many 'Designs of Learning'. Learning centers are often regarded as 'formal' and familiar institutions. Within the diversity of learning institutions it is possible to create a pedagogy which, to the child, appears to be 'informal'.
The level of comfort found in such subliminal educational settings allows the child to simultaneously gain confidence and skills.
Within the Outside School Hours Sector children are often on a school site and registered for 'childcare' purposes. There is a great opportunity here to provide students with 'extension' classes and leisure activities which is of immense gain to all parties; the child, parent and school.
Such an informal setting, linked closely with the school, can serve to assist children with a special sense of what their school can offer them as 'individual learners'. The children also derive a sense of how to create and spend leisure time.
In the relaxed social confines of such a program a child may be undertaking a Chess course, Taekwondo, Cooking, Gym, Jazz Ballet... the list is endless!
All these activities outside the learning curve of a classroom in a multi-age setting.
This workshop is designed to expose educators to the experience of the Outside School Hours Sector and the importance it plays within the in the overall school exerience.


Monica Hyams  (Australia)
Art Teacher/Ourside School Hours Coordinator
Art Faculty Outside School Hours Services
The King David School

Within the field of education I have been instrumental in creating many diverse opportunites for myself as a professional as well as enhancing the youth I have guided. My background as a Primary Teacher and qualified Art Teacher has enabled me to teach children, employing different methods in accordance with the educational setting. My work within the Outside School Hours sector has provided me with a unique opportunity - as the sector is an informal place of learning and development for the children who attend the programs. Both my teaching style and understanding of children's education have been moulded by this unique framework.

  • Informal Pedagogy
  • Outside School Hours Sector
  • Extension Activities
  • Individual Learning
  • Leisure Learning
  • Multi-age Education

(60 min Workshop, English)