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The Learning Conference 2003

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Professional Development for School Leaders

Naomi Rose Boyer.

Through the partnerships of University of South Florida-Lakeland, Polk County School District and Polk Worldclass Businesses for Education, an innovative new program has been created to address immediate community needs and to redirect an existing culture of learner development. Based on both pedagogical and practical principles, the program – The Quality School Leaders Symposium (QSLS) serves to nurture and stimulate the energies and talents of Polk County School principals, and may dictate the direction of higher education training for Educational Leadership. The program is focused on not only increasing individual principal knowledge, but also shifting district cultures with emphasis placed on the creation of communities of learners to support and enhance learning opportunities.

The content of QSLS is balanced with pedagogical content, practitioner-based information, field-based activities, technology training and dialogue with dynamic national lecturers shared through monthly face-to-face seminars. Each session is facilitated by university and school representatives to merge critical concepts of leadership theory and practice. Technology is being used as a thread to connect seminar sessions and strengthen the possibility of long-range impact through the use of online discussion rooms, e-mail systems, extensive content, and e-portfolios.


Naomi Rose Boyer  (United States)
Assistant Director of Distance Programs
University of South Florida

Naomi Boyer is Assistant Director of Distance Programs at the University of South Florida- Lakeland. As a faculty member in the department of instructional technology, she both teaches and assists instructors with the process of building and converting courses to web-based environments. She is also extensively involved in the development of programs to address community and campus needs, with particular emphasis on Educational Leadership initiatives. Research interests include the exploration of social, self-directed learning in online programs.

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