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The Learning Conference 2003

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Unraveling Learning Strategies in Mathematics Among University Mathematics Major: A Cognitive Perspective

Rohani Ahmad Tarmizi.

Effective learning today requires learners to coordinate numerous skills in a variety of content domains. Hence learners are presumed to balance their cognitive skills, meta-cognitive skills and learning styles in order to reap maximum learning output.
This study investigated into relationships between cognitive strategy in mathematics learning, learning styles and academic performance of 128 undergraduates enrolled in the university Teacher Education program majoring in Mathematics. Findings indicated that deep orientation to mathematical learning is correlated to independent learning styles and university performance. This implied on the mediating role of cognitive variables in students learning.


Rohani Ahmad Tarmizi  (Malaysia)
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Educational Studies.
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Investigation into relationship between cognitive strategy in mathematics learning and learning styles (GEFT) with mathematics performance. Superior performance in mathematics was associated to deep cognitive orientation and independent learning styles.

  • Mathematics learning
  • Cognitive strategy
  • Learning styles
  • Performance

(30 min Conference Paper, English)