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The Learning Conference 2003

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Developing Multimedia Electronic Resources for Secondary Classroom Students, UK

Will Griffiths, Panos Seranis.

This workshop demonstrates the results of a major DfES (Department for Education and Skills, UK) trial to create an ICT-based course for a KS3 (students 12-14 years old) subject, in which there is a shortage of specialist teachers.
The KS3 Latin Project has been successfully trialled over the last 4 years and the electronic resources produced are going to be available to all state schools in the UK from September 2003.
Over a thousand electronic activities in a variety of media (web, interactive, video and audio) have been created and are further arranged into 5 different courses which amount to schemes of work and lesson plans to suit a variety of user groups. During the workshop there will be a demonstration of the resources (20 mins), opportunities for delegates to use them (25 mins) and finally a plenary discussion to address implementation issues in the classroom.

This workshop is linked to Dr Seranis' paper on Key Factors for Effective Online Language Learning.


Will Griffiths  (United States)

Panos Seranis  (United Kingdom)
Research Associate
Cambridge School Classics Project, Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge

Panos Seranis was awarded a PhD from Cambridge University in 2000. He was then appointed to the post of Research Associate, Cambridge School Classics Project. He is involved in the Cambridge Online Latin Project, a major DfES-funded project that examines the effectiveness of electronic resources in the teaching of Latin, where there is a shortage of specialist Latin teachers.

  • ICT and classroom learning
  • Multimedia resources
  • Distance learning

(60 min Workshop, English)