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The Learning Conference 2003

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IVC, A Technological Revolution in Distance Learning

Muhammad Noman Saeed Saeed.

The dawn of the new technologies as an innovative gizmo for delivering education has had a momentous impact on the world of learning. It is a reality that the advancements in technology have powered classic shifts in education in the history of human communication. Communication between teacher and student is a key element of successful education. In this game the Media has played a vital role in the establishment of teacher and student communication. As we are now in the new century, advances in the technology communication systems provide more stylish and varied educational opportunities. Distance learning technologies offer a myriad of benefits for education, including convenience, flexibility, effectiveness, and efficiency. The various technologies used in distance learning can be roughly divided into four categories: print, audio (voice), computer (data), and video but today the use of the internet, one-way and two-way videoconferencing, computer telecommunication tools such as electronic mail, electronic bulletin boards, chats, computer conferences are just some of the powerful alternatives that educators can now use to deliver instruction either face-to-face or across distances. One of the more interesting current technologies, from both a technical and societal viewpoint, is Interactive VideoConferencing (IVC). It is an effective tool that used in distance education settings. It is easily integrated with the distance education program with minimal variation to the curriculum and course. IVC is designed to support two-way video and audio communication between multiple locations. This paper contains the brief overview of IVC technology, its design consideration and its advantages and limitation.


Muhammad Noman Saeed Saeed  (Pakistan)
Computer Engineering Department
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

  • IVC

(30 min Conference Paper, English)