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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Investment of Knowledge Worker in Malaysia

Dr Hanapi Mohamad.

Knowledge worker is integral to nation's economic growth and prosperity. a knowledge worker is able to determine the individual's earning capacity and employment prospects, and therefore plays an important role in determining the level of income in society. The need for knowledge worker becomes increasingly critical if the nation is progressing towards market economies. One aspect of knowledge worker is attributed to human capital. Recent government policies on education and manpower have confirmed the importance of investment on education and training as determinant of economic growth and prosperity. The government of Malaysia changed some policy of education by introducing pre-school and lowering the minimum age of entry tertiary education. At the tertiary level, community colleges were being introduced apart increasing the number of polytechnics, matriculation centers, colleges and universities. These are efforts seeking to ensure that all young people enter working life with a minimum amount of human capital acquired during the years of compulsory education. The findings show that while education is important for the betterment of national economic activities as demonstrated to the significant influences it placed on the industrial output of the manufacturing industries, the expectations associated with human capital investment in terms of innovative and creative activities are generally less successful. The findings also hinge some other policy issue as to whether the government shall continue to become the sole provider and financier for tertiary education as the expenditure in post-secondary is increasingly costlier.


Dr Hanapi Mohamad  (Malaysia)
Department of International Business School of Management Universiti Utara Malaysia

I am an Associate Professor in the area of International Business Management. I am attached to the School of Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia since 1985. Prior to my present position, I was an executive officer with FELDA.
Over the last 18 years I have been teaching the subjects of international business such as international business policy, corporate finance, multinational firms, corporate policy and marketing. I have been a former dean for School of Management and director for the Deaprtment of Coporate Planning. I am also involved in research. My research interest are in the areas of industrial organization, corporate performance, socio-economic issues and trades.

  • Knowledge worker
  • Human capital investment Industrial output
  • Creative and innovative activities
  • Higher expenditure for post-secondary education

(30 min Conference Paper, English)