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The Learning Conference 2003

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A Construct Educational Management: A Study on How to Construct Educational Management

Xiaorong Nie.

This essay is divided into five sections as followings:

Section 1. The concepts of information network: This section introduces the concepts of Lunenburg & Ornstein’s study on information network and typology model of information network. Our study analyzes the features of the model and its efficiency in communication activities.

Section 2. Management network and information network: This section compare Alter & Hage’s model of management and Lunenburg & Ornstein’s model of information network. The study finds out the similarity of the two model and their difference, which give the basic reasoning for constructing educational management network.

Section 3. Multi-level model of school effectiveness. This section displays Scheerens & Creemers’ multi-level model of school effectiveness, which emphasizes the factors of school effectiveness. We use multi-level model of school effectiveness as frame, based on which we discuss about how to construct educational management network.

Section 4. Innovation of Educational Management: This section describes the main types of current educational management in the world and the current trend of educational innovation in this area. The study advocates paying attention to the change of society and economical globalization.

Section 5. Discussion.


Xiaorong Nie  (China)
Department of Business and Tourism
Jiang Xi Science and Technology Teacher College

Title: A study on How to Construct Educational Management
Network in the Society Information Network
By Dr. Nie Xiaorong
Jiang Xi Science and Technology Teacher College
P. R. of China

Abstract: Matching with the automatic technology in the time of industrial automatics, the theory of control was applied to the field of educational organization and management. But, in the era of network information, few concepts of network engineering are used in it. This research, based on the typology model of Lunenburg & Ornstein on information communicative network, tries to construct the network of educational management, aiming at serving the education in the society information network. Besides, Scheerens & Creemers’ multi-level model of school effectiveness is used as the framework of the educational management network

Key word: communicative network educational management network school effectiveness grass revolution

  • Communicative network
  • Educational management network School effectiveness
  • Grass revolution

(30 min Conference Paper, English)