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The Learning Conference 2003

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A Multi-System Approach to Education At-Risk Urban Youth: A Three-Year Study

Professor Frank D. Aquila, Dr Ronald Moss, Dr Wayne Carter.

The traditional educational program for at-risk, urban youth is a dismal failure. This program provides a blueprint for the enhancement of existing schools through the implementation of new teaching methods to address diverse learning styles while working with government and non-profit agencies to make available a complete range of health and human services to improve students' readiness to learn. Educational, legal, social and health service agencies work cooperatively to provide prevention, intervention and aftercare services to child and family. A large grant allows the Cleveland Municipal School District teachers to interact daily with social workers, probation officers, counselors, and university faculty to assist children with their specific educational concerns. The team interaction involving so many diverse service providers working with the teacher focusing on a specific child's problem is the key to programmatic success.


Professor Frank D. Aquila  (United States)
The College of Education
Cleveland State University

Frank Aquila is a professor of school administration whose primary task is the preparation of school principals and superintendents. He has been the evaluator of dozens of national and state research studies. With his law degree he focuses his recent research on education law and school finance.

Dr Ronald Moss

Dr Wayne Carter  (United States)

  • At-risk youth
  • Alternative education
  • Urban education
  • Learning styles
Person as Subject
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(60 min Workshop, English)