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The Learning Conference 2003

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Web Course Management System (WCMS): An Interactive Tool Improves Teaching and Course Management

Dr. Xue Bai, Dr Steve Davis.

Whether you need a customizable Web environment for your distance-learning course or a supplement to the conventional education system, WCMS is the solution. This system includes sub-systems for test bank, file management, content design, communications, class work management, assessment generator, grade book management, and user administration. Two features make this system easy to use: intuitive navigation links and templates providing prewritten solutions for common tasks.

Test bank: You can create and modify a test bank on the Internet, making it more convenient than current standalone test management applications. An intelligent program allows you to train the system to use test banks developed with other systems. It also allows you to design all kinds of questions, including true/false, multiple choice, multiple selection, fill-in-blank, problem-solving, and essay.

File management: You can manage files on the Internet as easily as you do on a desktop computer with Windows Explorer. You may organize your files and transfer files between the Web server and your local machine. Also you can collect and grade assignments over the Internet.

Course content design: You may take advantage of predefined templates to design your syllabus, course notes, and study guide. You may upload course-related material and integrate it into your course management system.

Communications: You may communicate with students synchronously and asynchronously. The bulletin board and chat rooms facilitate discussion among students and instructors. The e-mail support system allows instructor to send e-mail to selected students with a single click. The full-featured calendar management tool is easy to use.

Class work management: This system provides easy control of assignments. You can post, collect, and grade assignments on the Internet without using disks or papers. To create a test, you may simply select questions from the test bank. You can also randomize questions, set password, and customize tests in other ways. You may create various test versions by one click. You may schedule class activities and assignments, post messages, administer tests and file the results in a grade book. You can post your own content and personalize the look of your class home page.

Attendance management: It is easy to maintain a class roster and record attendance. Students can check how many classes they have missed, that is proven to motivate good attendance.

WCMS was developed with modern server-side script technologies (JavaServer Pages™, JavaBeans ™, and Enterprise JavaBeans™) to provide better performance. Come to the workshop to find out more.


Dr. Xue Bai  (United States)

Department of Iniformation Systems & Decision Sciences
Virginia State University

Dr Steve Davis  (United States)

  • Web Course Management
  • Teaching Tools
  • Course Templates

(60 min Workshop, English)