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The Learning Conference 2003

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First Nations Education in Reconstuction in Canada: Experiences of a Second Level Service Agency

C. Paul Olson.

First Nations education has under gone a dramatic change in Canada as it has in many other countries. The paper reviews collaborative work done as part of a Canadian Social Science and Humanities major grant on New Approaches to Life Long Learning done in collaboration with Kenjgewin Teg, a 'second level' services-- or support agencies to 11 First Nations and their educational institutions in Manitoulin/North Shore area of Ontario. The study reviews the layering and processes of involvement the agency takes in dealing with the communit(ies) and other educational agencies in trying to help make practice of the conceptual idea of First Nations schooling. These include inservice training, evaluation, curriculium, teaching of First Nations languages, and facilitation of training for First Nations teachers. The study was conducted in cooperation with the agency over a period of five years.


C. Paul Olson  (Canada)
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Euducation
The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Professor Olson teaches in the department of Equity Studies and is interested in First Nations educationa and all issues related to equity.

  • First Nations education
  • Aborigional Policy
  • Life Long Learning

(30 min Conference Paper, English)