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The Learning Conference 2003

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An Ideological-Philosophical Profile of Education Today.

Olga Lidia Miranda Hernandez.

Marxist philosophy has always been defined as a form of critical-revolutionary thought. In its methodological application, this assumption does not imply an abstract philosophy but instead a philosophy with the capacity to dialectically assimilate the best of current conceptions. Furthermore, it analyses the conceptual limitations of these theories and it shows the socio-political interests which lie behind them. Taking this into account, a marxist philosophy of education could contribute to pedagogy today by illuminating the ideological foundations which underpin current pedagogical tendencies and educational models, as in the case of postmodernism, neoliberalism and globalisation. In this work a definition will be offered of each of these ideological currents and their consequences for education.

The materialist dialectic also offers many possibilities for a critical scientific theory from its more genuine epistemological paradigm, based on the principal of objectivity in its nexus with subjectivity, on the principal of the contradictory, complex character and order of development, and on the integral, systemic and socio-historical character of human activity and human relations. It also offers a coherent theory and a critical method with which to characterise the new pedagogical currents.

This work also addresses the epistemological foundations of pedagogy in the ambit of the world today and contributes to a classification of pedagogic currents from this position.


Olga Lidia Miranda Hernandez  (Cuba)
Philosophy Institute
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

  • Globalization
  • Neoliberalism
  • Post modern

(30 min Conference Paper, English)