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The Learning Conference 2003

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Differential Management and Motivation: Applied Psychology as a Catalyst for Effective, Consentual Organizational Change

Joe Blackbourn, Richard Blackbourn, Jennifer Fillingim, Don Schillinger.

Organizational change is a "given" in professional education. To be effective leaders must manage both desired and unexpected change. Even in the best of circumstances, managing change is an endeavor fraught with peril.

This presentation addresses those problems encountered in the change processes and the philosophy/tools to address these problems. Participants will work through a problem based learning activity in which the tools and processes are employed to address a hypothetical desired organizational change. Presenters will follow this activity with a time for questions related to adapting workshop content to specific problems in participants' organizations.


Joe Blackbourn  (United States)
Associate Professor of Education

University of Mississippi

Dr. Blackbourn is an Associate Professor in the School opf Education at the University of Mississippi. He is the Editor of the Record in Educational Leadership.

Richard Blackbourn

Jennifer Fillingim

Don Schillinger

  • Organizational Change
  • Change Process
  • Tools for Change
  • Applied Psychology
Person as Subject
  • Dr. Claire Graves Dr. W. E. Deming

(60 min Workshop, English)