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The Learning Conference 2003

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Key Factors for Effective Online Language Learning: The Case of Latin

Panos Seranis.

The paper investigates the important role key components (e-tutors,classroom facilitators, SMTs) play for a successful implementation of a distance teaching and learning course in the classroom. The author argues that a potential contribution of ICT to the online language learning should acknowledge the changing roles of teachers and pupils in the teaching-learning process and stress the need for a development in teachers’ pedagogical thinking and practice.


Panos Seranis  (United Kingdom)
Research Associate
Cambridge School Classics Project, Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge

Panos Seranis was awarded a PhD from Cambridge University in 2000. He was then appointed to the post of Research Associate, Cambridge School Classics Project. He is involved in the Cambridge Online Latin Project, a major DfES-funded project that examines the effectiveness of electronic resources in the teaching of Latin, where there is a shortage of specialist Latin teachers.

  • Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • Use of ICT in the Classroom
  • Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching and Learning of Latin

(30 min Conference Paper, English)