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The Learning Conference 2003

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Designing Think Trails: Using the Multiliteracies Pedagogy to Reshape Academic Knowledge into Clinical Competence

kathleen wemmer, marion drew.

This paper explores an application of the Multiliteracies pedagogical framework to the instance of a tertiary level course in Audiology entitled 'Pathology of the Ear'. We outline in detail the structure of the course which was designed to incorporate all 4 elements of the Multiliteracies pedagogy, namely Overt Instruction, Situated Practice, Critical Framing and Transferred Practice. The course was team taught. We also outline the assessment tasks whcih were designed to: enhance students' flexibility in working with different materials, modes and genres of information; to promote integration of academic knowledge with its clinical application; to develop a critical framing of knowledge within a focus on the social and political context; and to encourage engagement in multi-modal work with an emphasis on current information technologies. The responses of both students and lecturers to the Multliteracies approach were carefully documented and are presented along with suggestions for other educators working in tertiary level education in similar medically-oriented fields.


kathleen wemmer  (South Africa)
clinical tutor
Division of Audiology School of Human and Community Development Faculty of Humanities
University of the Witwatersrand

I have been working as a clinical tutor in Audiology for the past two years. Previoulsy I have worked as a diagnostic Audiologist in the private sector. My particular interest is in the transition from academic knowledge to clinical application of knowledge.

marion drew  (South Africa)
principal tutor
Division of audiology School of human and community development Faculty of humanities
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been working for nearly 10 years as a lecturer at tertiary level in the fields of Audiology and Education, and before that as a teacher in various school contexts ranging from pre-school to senior primary. My interest is in multi-modal teaching and learning and in multi-modal assessment approaches.

  • Multiliteracies pedagogical framework
  • Multi-modal assessment tasks
  • Integration of theory and clinical practice

(30 min Conference Paper, English)