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The Learning Conference 2003

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Hands-on Ears: Learning about Hearing through Seeing and Moving

marion drew, kathleen wemmer.

This workshop focuses on the particular use of multi-modal forms of learning within a tertiary level course in Audiology. The particular forms used were 3D model-making, representation through dramatic play, story writing and personal interviewing. The workshop will demonstrate 'hands-on' how students were involved in multi-modal tasks in order to develop in-depth knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the auditory pathway, and its associated pathologies. Each of the multi-modal tasks in the course focused on a particular aspect of the auditory system using specific modes or media. For example, the use of representation through drama aimed to allow students to explore the relationaships between anatomical structures of the cochlea and their functioning. Making a 3D model was used to help develop awareness of the structures of the middle ear and the impact of middle ear pathologies on these. Live interviewing was used to explore the social impact of middle ear disease, and story writing was used as an assessment task. Workshop participants will work through these and similar tasks with the presenters. We will briefly present how the Multiliteracies pedagogy framework informed the design of the course on a theoretical level, and then explore with participants the processes involved in implementing the specific activities. We will also share with the group the responses of both students and lecturers to this type of multi-modal learning at tertiary level education.


marion drew  (South Africa)
principal tutor
Division of audiology School of human and community development Faculty of humanities
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been working for nearly 10 years as a lecturer at tertiary level in the fields of Audiology and Education, and before that as a teacher in various school contexts ranging from pre-school to senior primary. My interest is in multi-modal teaching and learning and in multi-modal assessment approaches.

kathleen wemmer  (South Africa)
clinical tutor
Division of Audiology School of Human and Community Development Faculty of Humanities
University of the Witwatersrand

I have been working as a clinical tutor in Audiology for the past two years. Previoulsy I have worked as a diagnostic Audiologist in the private sector. My particular interest is in the transition from academic knowledge to clinical application of knowledge.

  • Multi-modal learning and teaching tasks
  • Tertiary level education and multi-modality

(60 min Workshop, English)