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The Learning Conference 2003

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Establishing Community Morality in Schools: Sensing the Spirit in School Leadership.

Victoria Mc Gahey.

ABSTRACT: The onslaught of globalisation (the world as one unified community) has been instrumental in causing the need for people to develop tolerance, the ability to accept diversity, and at the very least, to accept change. Such willingness to listen and value the human rights of others is the essence of a moral community. A moral community as described in this paper is formed through the sharing of principles, values, beliefs and the open and honest dialogue with all members of a community. Leaders play a key role in this dialogue by ensuring all voices are heard. This paper and workshop presents the findings of a study exploring school leaders’ beliefs and philosophies in the formation of a moral community within the context of a Catholic school. The study focussed upon school leaders’ thoughts on leadership attributes (qualities) for establishing a moral community within schools. Six attributes were identified The findings of this study may have implications for non-Catholic schools, corporations and community organisations. A card game has been devised using the attributes as a tool for instigating shared dialogue between participants.


Victoria Mc Gahey  (Australia)
Science teacher at the Pitwater House School and Lecturer at University of Western Sydney

Teacher, singer, academic, ethics and moral communit theorist and practicianer, transformational learning philosopher and a politician in the making.

  • Transformative learning
  • Transformational leadership
  • Community morality
  • School leadership
  • Community

(60 min Workshop, English)