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The Learning Conference 2003

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Literacy, Education and the State:: Re-making Teacher Professionalism in the UK via the National Literacy Strategy.

Gemma Ross.

Drawing on data collected as part of a recent ESRC-funded research project entitled Building a new literacy practice through the adoption of the National Literacy Strategy, this paper will consider the new conditions the National Literacy Strategy has created for managing teachers’ work in England; the intended and unintended consequences which the associated shift to a visible pedagogy has had for teachers and for pupils in the context of the daily work of the school; and the dilemmas the on-going management of the Strategy poses for participants at different levels of the system.


Gemma Ross  (United Kingdom)
Research Officer
Education Policy Research Unit School of Educational Foundations and Policy Studies
Institute of Education, University of London

Gemma Moss has written widely on gender and literacy. Her most recent work in this area has laid the ground for analyzing picture-dense non-fiction texts as compositions in space. She is currently researching literacy policy, and the technologies of governance which constitute that policy in the UK.

  • Literacy Pedagogy
  • Policy
  • Teachers’ Work

(30 min Conference Paper, English)