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The Learning Conference 2003

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Cohort Models in Graduate Education Programs

Beverly Gulley, Mitra Fallahi.

This longitudinal research focuses on the effectiveness of cohort programs in graduate education focusing on the students’ point of view. Questionnaire was sent to students attending the program. Meetings of focus groups of students followed the collection of data. Two years later the questionnaire was sent again to current students in the program. The focus of the interviews remained the same as those investigated through the questionnaire. Questions focused on why students chose the cohort model and what they considered to be the weaknesses and strengths of the program.Research concluded with recommendations that would help the quality and administration of the cohort programs.


Beverly Gulley  (Australia)
School of Education
Saint Xavier University

Mitra Fallahi  (United States)
Director of Graduate Studies
School of Education
Saint Xavier University

  • Cohort Programs
Person as Subject
  • Graduate students

(30 min Conference Paper, English)