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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Assessment Puzzle: How it affects students, teachers, administrators, and the role of policy makers

Beverly Gulley, Mitra Fallahi.

This research reviews the trend of assessment, especially standardized tests in public schools in the United States. The research specifically focuses on how standardized tests as a decision-making tool affects the learner, teacher, and administrators. The research investigates the origin of the adoption of standardized tests by policy makers and questions the validity of such decision. Research concludes with recommendations on using performance-based assessment to assist with students’ progress and to reduce the pressure of illiteracy in the United States.


Beverly Gulley  (Australia)
School of Education
Saint Xavier University

Mitra Fallahi  (United States)
Director of Graduate Studies
School of Education
Saint Xavier University

  • High Stake test
  • Policy makers
  • Performance- based
  • Assessment
Person as Subject
  • Students Teachers Administrators Policy makers

(30 min Conference Paper, English)