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The Learning Conference 2003

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Using Technology in First Year Writing Program: Blackboard and its use at Seton Hall University

Nancy Enright, Owen Schur.

At Seton Hall we are using Blackboard in a variety of ways in our First Year Writing Program. All classes at Seton Hall are given a "Blackboard course." Within these courses, faculty can create course documents, course information, discussion boards, external links. In my own classes, I make extensive use of the discussion board and the external links. In this presentation, I will show how I (and other faculty) conduct class discussion on-line. I will demonstrate how external links can be used to enhance an English class.
We have also begun to use Blackboard for faculty development. We are using it as a support system for our group of teaching assistants -- graduate students who also teach in the First Year Writing Program. We use it for our Portfolio Project, in which writing faculty -- full-time, part-time, and Teaching Assistants -- work together on various projects to enhance our teaching. We are using it in a Writing Across the Curriculum project, conducted by two English faculty members and involving faculty from a wide variety of departments. I will be showing examples of how Blackboard is used in all these situations, what we have found useful and where we have experienced difficulties. Overall, I feel the use of Blackboard and technology in general has been helpful to our Writing Program. In our on-line literature classes, Blackboard is going to be the base for an on-line Great Books course, designed by Owen Schur. This course will be one of the first of this kind to be offered in the English Department.


Nancy Enright  (United States)
Director of First Year Writing
English Department
Seton Hall University

I am an Assistant Professor of Writing at Seton Hall, where I am Director of First Year Writing. I also teach literature classes, with a special interest in Catholic Studies classes and world literature.

Owen Schur  (United States)
Associate Professor of English
English Department
Seton Hall University

  • Technology
  • Blackboard
  • First Year Writing Program
  • Literature courses

(60 min Workshop, English)