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The Learning Conference 2003

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Educational Innovations in Secondary Schools in Malaysia

Assoc Prof Dr Sufean Hussin.

This paper presents a research attempt in profiling and examining the level of implementation of educational innovations made by secondary schools in Malaysia in the past few years. For the first stage attempt, a study was conducted in the state of Perak, a state in the central zone of West Malaysia with the largest number of secondary schools, i.e. 206 secondary schools at the time of data collection in 2002. Ten areas of educational innovations in secondary schools were identified, including academic performance, curriculum implementation, co-curricular programmes, and school climate development. A survey questionnaire was developed based on the ten areas identified, plus two beginning parts pertaining to school background. After some corrections and adjustments, the questionnaire was distributed to 394 school administrators in 197 secondary schools. Among others, the study found that the condition of the schools proper maintenance in order to maintain the quality of education, and the area which was given the highest priority in terms of innovations was student academic performance. The participation of parents and the community in school development was less than satisfactory.


Assoc Prof Dr Sufean Hussin  (Malaysia)
Dept of Educational Management, Planning and Policy, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya
Salzburg Seminar, Austria

Associate Professor

  • Education, Innovations, Management, Curriculum, Co-curriculum, Staff Development, School Development, Student Development, School Climate, School Culture
Person as Subject
  • School managers

(30 min Conference Paper, English)