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The Learning Conference 2003

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Learning Managers: A New Generation of Teachers

Robert Thompson.

The Bachelor of Learning Management is a new pre-service teacher education degree. It focuses on the importance of ‘learning’ in the knowledge society, the changing conception of teaching and teachers, and the realisation amongst employers, professional educators, parents, students and governments that teacher education requires a major re-think. There is now general consensus that teacher education needs to be re-engineered if historical changes and the preparation of teachers for a new kind of student and society are to be aligned and attuned to immediate and future needs. We recognised that a fundamental consequence of this history was the urgent need for structural and cultural change in the university-based teacher education component of teaching degrees. Teacher education is no longer considered to be a ‘university problem’ but rather an education industry responsibility. Accordingly, collaborative arrangements between universities and the teaching profession are essential for effective teacher education programs. The Bachelor of Learning Management strengthens and builds on the university - school link by giving prominence to the acquisition of positive, first-hand educational experiences for student teachers working under the carefully supervised guidance of experienced and practising professional educators in schools.


Robert Thompson  (Australia)
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
School of Education and Innovation Faculty of Education and Creative Arts
Central Queensland University

Assoc Prof Robert Thompson is Assoc Dean (Teaching & Learning) and Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Education at Central Queensland University. He trained as a primary/secondary teacher in the UK and taught for two years in Oxfordshire before moving to Australia. He taught in Queensland for ten years in a variety of schools and was Director of a Teachers’ Centre for five years before taking up an appointment at CQU. His main research interest is in the appraisal of beginning teacher competence.

  • Learning Management
  • Initial Teacher Education

(30 min Conference Paper, English)