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The Learning Conference 2003

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Expanded Community: Introducing Pre-Service Teaching into a Global Virtual Community

Dr. Lynn M Hutchinson, Dr Joseph Rochford.

The introduction of technology goals in the United States through the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind) 2000, coupled with the formation of technology standards (draft, March 2003) by the State of Ohio, both of which are based on the International Society for Technology Education standards, have increased expectations for pre-service and first year teachers' knowledge and use of technology. In Israel, educators are moving to implement the recommendations of the Harrari Report on Technology.
To meet increased technological expectations and to provide rich cultural exchange opportunities, a virtual K-16 educational community has been created between the Matteh Asher and Akko Schools in Israel and schools and institutions of higher education in Stark County, Ohio.
This presentation examines the value of early field experiences in the context of a virtual community focused on creating engaging work for pre-service teachers. It also addresses the barriers and practical considerations inherent in a virtual conferencing and collaboration approach.


Dr. Lynn M Hutchinson  (United States)
Division of Education, Graduate Education
Walsh University

Dr. Lynn M Hutchinson teaches education and humanities courses at Walsh University. She participated in the 2001 conference and tour of the Western Galilee, visiting with teachers and students in their schools. This fall she will link pre-service teachers in Ohio with classrooms, teachers, and pre-service teachers in Israel.

Dr Joseph Rochford

Joseph A. Rochford, Ph.D. is Vice-President of the Stark Education
Partnership, an education reform support organization established by the corporate and philanthropic communities of Stark County, Ohio in 1989.
A graduate of Kent State University, his career spans business, education, and health care. He is adjunct for graduate education at Walsh University.

  • Pre-Service Teaching
  • Technology
  • Cross-cultural Education
  • Pedagogy
  • Collaboration

(60 min Workshop, English)