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The Learning Conference 2003

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University Faculty Collaboration: A Transformational Model for Professional Development

Associate Professor, Dr. Nancy Albrecht.

The purpose of this exploratory case study was to examine formal collaboration as a means of effective development for college of education faculty. Practices of one university collaborative instructional team (CIT) whose members collaborated to plan and present a preservice teacher education course at Mid State University over the period of one semester (Spring 2002) were examined. Attention was given to a variety of variables ranging from course curriculum, job satisfaction, and motivation as well as other topics emerging from the data. Multiple data sources generating data included: nonparticipant observation of the CIT during weekly collaborative meetings, biweekly, individual interviews with CIT members, a final reflective group interview with the CIT, structured reflections of biweekly interviews, and other related documents. Categories and themes emerged during ongoing analysis. A major overarching theme, “Teacher educators’ commitment to improving teaching and learning through collaborative reflective practice and its transformational nature” was identified. This overarching theme represented four sub-themes: culture of the CIT, teaming process of the CIT, transformation of CIT members, and stressors on CIT members. The researcher found collaboration to be an intricate and evolving process based upon a foundation of trust that allowed the process to grow and emerged as professional development. CIT members learned from each other and ultimately transformed their teaching strategies and themselves as a result of participation in a collaborative process.


Associate Professor, Dr. Nancy Albrecht  (United States)
Associate Professor and Director of Admissions to Teacher Education
College of Education, Department of Educational Administration and Teaching and Leadership
Emporia State University

Nancy Albrecht is an associate professor and director of admissions to teacher education at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas. She teaches graduate classes in educational administration and undergraduate classes in teacher education. Additionally, she is responsible for the admissions and appeals process for teacher education. Dr. Albrecht has been a high school and middle school principal and has taught at the secondary level for a combine 20 years. She was named as area I principal of the year in 1998. Dr. Albrecht is involved in professional organizations and has presented at the state and national levels.

  • Collaboration
  • Higher Education
  • Teaming
  • Reflective Practice
  • Transfromation
  • Professional Development
  • Teacher Education
Person as Subject
  • A Collaborative Instructional Team (identities of participants protected)

(30 min Conference Paper, English)