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The Learning Conference 2003

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Curriculum Stories About the Holocaust

Frau Dr. Heike Deckert-Peaceman.

The lecture will concentrate on the narrativity of classroom instruction as well as on the interrelations between Curriculum Stories and their cultural context. The background information is based on the results of an ethnographic field study of Holocaust Education in an American elementary school from the perspective of a German researcher (Deckert-Peaceman 2002). A discussion will follow using the work of Sigrun Gudmundsdottir (1990) on the term 'Curriculum Stories' as a point of departure. Aspects such as the accessibility of the field, the relationship between individual scenes and long term processes of classroom instruction, as well as various perspectives - pupil, teacher and researcher - will be covered. Possible consequences for the methodology in future research will be suggested.


Frau Dr. Heike Deckert-Peaceman

Heike Deckert-Peaceman (b. 1963) has taught, trained students, held advance training for teachers, and done research in Germany and abroad. She earned her doctorate with an ethnographic study on Holocaust Education in primary schools. After having worked at the Fritz Bauer Institute, Ms. Deckert-Peaceman joined the faculty of the Department of Elementary Education at Frankfurt University in 2003 as an assistant professor.

  • Ethnographic Field Study
  • Holocaust Education
  • Narrativity
  • Curriculum Stories
  • Methodology

(30 min Conference Paper, English)