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The Learning Conference 2003

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Teacher Education in Search of Reason: If Not Now, When?

Dr. Joseph H. Gaines.

Due to the continuing critique of American education and urban education in particular, as it relates to teacher preparation, standards-based education and student outcomes, the author provides the reader with an examination of a variety of salient issues that inform and continue to impact upon the practice, theory, and philosophical debate over education reform in the United States, with an emphasis on education in New York City.

The reader is presented with a retrospective look at testing theory, the notion of standards and standardization in education, exploration of principal social, political, emotional repercussions of current systematic changes in education, as well as, a discussion about three educational agendas largely employed in the education reform movement of the United States.


Dr. Joseph H. Gaines  (United States)
Professor of Education
Education Department, Childhood Education Program
Boricua College

Dr. Gaines is a full Professor of Education and serves as chairperson for the Childhood Education Program, Manhattan Campus, in the Department of Education at Boricua College, New York. Professor Gaines earned his undergraduate and master's degrees at Queens College, New York, while also attending the University of Madrid and Seville in Spain, in the Departamento de Filosofia y Letras. He earned his doctoral degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in the Department of International Education with a specialization in the areas of Communication and Technology in Education, and Bilingual/Bicultural education. Moreover, he has distinguished himself as a doctoral Fellow under the auspices of the Office of Bilingual Education in Washington DC. Dr. Gaines has also written and published numerous articles in the areas of urban education, ethnomusicology, multicultural education, and literacy.

  • Education reform
  • Multicultural education Standards-based education Teacher preparation
  • Urban education

(30 min Conference Paper, English)