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The Learning Conference 2003

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Evidence of Student Learning: Creating a Paradigm Shift

Catherine O'Callaghan, Patricia Antonacci.

Main issue(s) or question(s) you will address:
How can assessment data be used to implement program changes?
How can the use of rubrics create pedagogical changes?
What are the procedures for designing an assessment plan?

Main point(s) you will make:
Implementation of a comprehensive assessment plan can create a
Paradigm shift within a Department
Utilization of rubrics and analysis of student work results in pedagogical
Analysis of data and an assessment plan facilitates changes in department
goals and objectives

Learning outcomes desired for attendees (max. of 3):
Attendees will analyze work sample data and rubrics to evaluate student
Attendees will generate ideas for creating their own assessment plans and

Learning principle(s) upon which this session is built.
In order to construct knowledge, participants must be actively engaged in
New concepts and theories must be developed through scaffolded
Instruction. Participants will be presented with models, guided practice of assessment analysis and evaluation, in order to create their own assessment plan.

Of the pedagogical strategies you will use, describe the primary one in 3-5 sentences.
The primary pedagogical strategy will be activity based learning. Participants
will be given work samples from teacher education courses to analyze as well
sample rubrics and assessment plans. The final task will be to create a draft
of their own rubric or assessment plan.

Visual and written materials.
Participants will be given packets containing the slide presentation as well as
student work samples, rubrics and assessment plans

How your experience, expertise, and interests are pertinent to doing this session about this topic:
The presenters of this interactive session represent the Assessment Committee
of Iona College’s Department of Education. Dr. Antonacci designed the
Assessment plan and the Committee helped to implement it across the
Department. This experience has given them firsthand knowledge of the difficulties
involved in moving toward evidence-based learning.

Essential audiovisual support needed for presentation:
LCD Projector for IBM/Windows format and screen


Catherine O'Callaghan  (United States)
Associate Professor of Education

Iona College

Patricia Antonacci  (United States)
Associate Professor of Education

Iona College

  • TBA

(60 min Workshop, English)