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The Learning Conference 2003

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The Cultural Values of Singaporean Adolescents: Value Perceptions

Lily Wong.

The values, attitudes perceptions and aspirations of our adolescents today will govern their present and future behaviors (Chew, Leu and Tan, 1998). As our adolescents are the future stewards of the nation, their values and behaviors will in turn, shape the destiny of the nation. Therefore, understanding the mindsets and values of the adolescents are imperative and the implications that associate with these values must be carefully assessed and managed. Using the Bronfennber's social ecological framework, a survey was undertaken with the objective to develop this preliminary report of the perceived cultural values of Singaporean adolescents aged 11-14 in relation to themselves, their immediate environment and the wider societal context.


Lily Wong  (Singapore)
Professor/Executive Director
Advent Link Center for Education for Children and Family Studies

Professor LIly Wong
Dip Ed, BSEE. MA, Ed. D. ( Educ. Psychology) Post. Doc ( Complex Instruction)
Educational Psychologist, child and family educator, Director for the center for children an family studies, educatork counselor, unviersity professor for the past 28 years. contriburot to various journals, authors of book chapters, and series of language books . keynote speaker at conferences and forums worldwide. Outstanding Alumni of the year 2001, Woman of the year Award ( for fmily life 2002. Key note speakers for conferences. passionate on the education of children and parents.

  • Values
  • Perception
  • Cultural values
  • Aspirations
  • Adolescents
Person as Subject
  • Children ages 11-14 of the 4 ethnic groups living in Singapore

(30 min Conference Paper, English)