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The Learning Conference 2003

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What Learning Means: Perspectives from Gender Specific and Ethnic Specific

Bernard Oliver, Eileen Oliver, Lex Bowden, Caroline Hull.

Over the past decade, interest in single sex and ethnic centered classroom has proliferated due to the widening concern that traditional coeducational and 'mainstream' schooling does not provide the kind of support necessary for girls and minority students to achieve successfully in schools( Hale, l994; Bailey,2002). In fact there is considerable evidence that gender and race issues continue to be problematic for students enrolled in public schools.

Recently educational research has suggested that structuring educational experiences along gender and ethnic lines might produce a higher quality of schooling and learning for female and minority students. Accordingly, in this session we document and explore experiences in America and Australia that emphasize ethnic and gender based schooling. In particular we will focus on two cases, one in Australia and one in the U.S.., that a focus on educational reform strategies that have implemented ethnic based and gender based curriculum practices. The authors will pay considerable attention to organizational and curricular change issues that teachers and school personnel go through when they undertake such initiatives, and study the impact these practices have on student achievement.


Bernard Oliver  (United States)
Assistant Superintendent for High Schools

Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Eileen Oliver  (United States)

Lex Bowden  (Australia)

Caroline Hull  (Australia)

  • Gender
  • African-centered
  • Multi-cultural

(60 min Workshop, English)