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The Learning Conference 2003

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Use of Intelligent Simulation to Promote Critical Thinking in Undergraduate Pre-licensure Nursing Students

Agnes M Morrison.

Competent nursing education requires that nursing school graduates have the necessary skills needed for safe clinical practice. Consequently, nursing programs must teach both theoretical knowledge and clinical skills. Moreover, integration of theoretical and clinical knowledge is essential. Accordingly, the development of critical thinking and creative problem solving for clinical decision-making is an important outcome of the baccalaureate nursing degree program. One method to promote clinical decision-making and critical thinking in a safe environment is through the use of intelligent simulation. As a tool to promote the development of these skills in students, the Department of Nursing at Thomas Jefferson University acquired the Laerdal Sim ManTM Universal Patient Simulator. As the coordinator of the nursing laboratory this author developed a respiratory distress scenario to use with the Simulator. The purpose of this presentation will be to describe the use of a simulation exercise using the respiratory distress scenario to promote the development of critical thinking skills in student nurses in a undergraduate baccalaureate nursing program.


Agnes M Morrison  (United States)
Nursing Faculty
Department of Nursing, College of Health Professions
Thomas Jefferson University

As a faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Nursing, this author is responsible for educating baccalaureate pre-licensure nursing students. As the coordinator of the College Clinical Laboratory this author is also responsible to teach a wide variety of psychomotor and technical skills to the students. Another important component of this author’s position as the coordinator of the College Clinical Laboratory is to assist the students in developing the essential critical thinking and clinical decision making skills they will need as registered nurses.

  • Active learning with Simulation
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Clinical practice
  • Nursing Students
  • Laerdal Sim ManTM Universal Patient Simulator
Person as Subject
  • Morrison, Agnes M

(30 min Conference Paper, English)