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The Learning Conference 2003

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Instructional Design: Using Knowledge Mapping (GIS Concept) for Mobile Experiences

Nazirah Mat Sin, Che Zulkhairi Abdullah, Forest Lim.

The system require interactions with screen display (template to be provided) of defined sessions and physical interaction with other alternative designed devices appropriate for this purpose. One aspect to consider is mobile/wireless environment for this physical environment. (refer – entirely digital Laerdal SimMan , a simulation education of a physical character for medical training, retrieved 8th Feb 2003, Laerdal SimMan, ).GIS concept for the development of 'location-sensitive' knowledge mapping and knowledge sharing to be included for enabling collaborative learning to happen.


Nazirah Mat Sin  (Malaysia)
Research Officer
Knowledge Management Centre
Multimedia University

Age: 24
DOB: 10 August 1979
The only daugther in the family.
3 youger brothers
Graduated from Multimedia University in Bachelor of Multimedia majoring in Digital Media

Che Zulkhairi Abdullah  (Malaysia)
Tutor in Interface Design
Faculty of Creative Multimedia
Multimedia University

Special research interest=e-device for e-learning, interactive storyline structure, interactive content management, e-learning, embedded mobile vehicle/robot design, LEGO 'beams' robotic, GIS for e-Learning, alternative e-Learning framework. Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Mapping, Interface Design.

Forest Lim  (Malaysia)
Faculty of Creative Multimedia
Multimedia University

  • Instructional Design
  • Rapid content development and deployment
  • GUI, screen design

(Virtual Presentation, English)