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The Learning Conference 2003

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Rethinking the Humanities: Literary Theory and the Creative Process

Charles L. Etheridge.

Too often, literary theory has been seen as being in conflict with traditional humanities courses that 'survey' knowledge. Some question whether or not, in a post-modern world, it is possible or even desirable to create or teach such a course. Rarely involved in these discussions and debates are creative artists who actually produce the works humanities scholars argue about. This is unfortunate, because a 'creative perspective' can provide both a means to facilitate a discussion and can reconcile tensions which may on the surface seem irreconcilable.


Charles L. Etheridge  (United States)
Professor of English
Department of English
McMurry University

Professor Etheridge teaches American Literature and Literary Theory. In addition, he is a published short story writier, playwright, and poet.

  • Literary theory
  • Canonicity
  • Creative process

(30 min Conference Paper, English)