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The Learning Conference 2003

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University-school Link Partnership Projects for Promotion of Inter-generation Communications in Hong Kong (USLP)

Alfred Chan Cheung Ming, Fong, M.S. Florence.

ULSP is an innovative action research project that aims to improve the communication between the young and the old. Through its creative design and implementation, participants' social competence skills as well as their social life could be enhanced. The project has also offered much insights and experiences for the development of an off-campus curriculum and the social service practitioners. There were 669 students and older people participated in the projects. Several training workshop and social services were implemented.

In addition, a longitudinal study has been conducted which aimed to investigate the changes of the social competence skills of the participants over time. Four aspects were examined which included: the image of old age, self-confidence, computer skills and health knowledge. Three sets of structured questionnaires, using 10 scores likert scale, were administered among the participants at different intervals (baseline, interim and final survey) during the project year. The study adopted a quasi-experimental design with experimental group and control group.

Survey findings showed that the participants were improving steadily. There was only a slight drop in the scores of health knowledge among the participants in the final survey which could be caused by the "ceiling effect". Overall, student participants had improved in their social competence in terms of mean scores from 6.67 in the baseline survey to 7.42 in the final survey. Compared with the results of the six interest groups, it found that the group of social gerontology and the group of computer skills learning had the highest rate of increase which was 17.4% and 15.4% respectively. Scores in computer skills was the only aspect that showed improvements among the older participants. Six focus groups were held to obtain deeper understanding of the projects' outcomes and confirmation of the survey results.


Alfred Chan Cheung Ming  (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China)

Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS)
Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Fong, M.S. Florence  (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China)
Senior Project Officer
Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS)
Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Florence Fong ,(Bsoc Sc, Mphil. Lingna Unversity) currently working as a senior project officer in Asia Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University of Hong Kong. Her reasearch interests are focusing on service learning programme for the secondary school and Tertiary school students, older people for enhance their social competence skills and developing the protocol for the programme evaluations

  • Action research
  • Inter-generation relationship
  • Service learning
  • Social skills
  • Interaction approach
  • Youth students
  • Older people

(60 min Workshop, English)