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The Learning Conference 2003

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Listening to Learn in Community: The Role of Research Mentoring

Sarah Fletcher.

In this presentation, I account for my work as a research mentoring working with a group of teacher researchers in a local school. My research mentoring arises from the need for teachers to identify a mentor to assist them with researching their own practice in the Best Practice Research Scholarships award scheme. I draw on the work of two teacher researchers. One is studying her practice in using mentoring to enable able and gifted students to reach their potential. The other is accounting for his own practice within the growth of a mature in-school enquiry group, where I work as a mentor.


Sarah Fletcher  (United Kingdom)
Department of Education
University of Bath

I taught in middle, secondary and upper schools for over 20 years before becoming a lecture at the University of Bath in 1994. My research interests are mentoring and action research and I am currently working with colleagues in Japan developing integrating mentoring and action research as CPD for teachers in schools. My publications include Mentoring in Schools (2000) Kogan Page.

  • Action research
  • Research mentoring
  • Living educational theory
  • Learning community

(Virtual Presentation, English)